Dassey juror believes he deserves new trial

Dassey juror believes he deserves new trial

Brendan Dassey

MADISON (WKOW) — A Madison man who served on the jury in the murder trial of Steven Avery’s teenage nephew, Brendan Dassey tells 27 News Dassey deserves a new trial because his mental competence was in question, and his public defenders failed him.

“I think he should have another trial,” Robert Covington tells 27 News.  “And he should be given another chance.”

Dassey and Avery were found guilty in separate trials of the 2003 rape and murder of 25-year old photographer Teresa Halbach on the Avery family salvage yard  property in Manitowoc County.  Dassey’s jury was picked in Dane County.

The popular and controversial Netflix presentation “Making a Murderer” looks at the events of both cases and has caused people to sign petitions demanding Avery’s pardon.  The series has also raised questions about police practices when Dassey confesses to crimes during an interrogation.

The 71-year old Covington – who retired from his job at Oscar Mayer in 2012 – says he stands by the guilty verdict he and other jurors delivered in 2007.  “We tried to make the best decision that we really could,”  Covington tells 27 News. Read More »